Triathlon Training Books

Triathlon Training for Dummies by Deirdre Pitney and Donna Dourney

This book is a mine of information – there are so many aspects to triathlon – so much to know – so many ways to improve our performance and this book does an excellent job of providing this information and making it accessible and easy to find.  It covers getting fit, assessing fitness, making a training programme, keeping inspired, what to wear, being an athlete and so much more.

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Ironman Start to FinishIronman Start to Finish:24 weeks to an Endurance Triathlon by Paul Huddle, Roch Frey, T. J. Murphy

When you’re ready to for endurance triathlon – swim 2.4 miles, cycle 112 miles and running a full marathon this is the book for you.  The authors know exactly what they are talking about and give their expertise in training, how to increase your stamina, improving your recovery rate, balancing triathlon training with the rest of your life, preparing for the race day and a whole lot more.

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Zest : Triathlon Made Easy (Zest Magazine) by Zoe McDonald & Lisa Buckingham

This book is for those who want to get into tri – to give them the confidence, energy and fitness for improved, running, cycling and swimming starting from the basic level.  It has a beginner’s plan and a diary for charting progress and is full of great tips to help you on your way – some from athletes at different levels of the sport.  It inspires and motivates and iss suitable for all the levels of tri.  Authors Zoe McDonald, Features Editor of Zest, and Lisa Buckingham, Deputy Health Editor of Best and Contributing Editor of Zest, are passionate about triathlon and are a mine of information.   This is definitely worth reading.

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Triathlon Workout Planner

The Triathlon Workout Planner by John Mora is suitable for novice triathlon participants as well as experienced ones.  If you have a love of triathlon this book will be of great assistance in your bid to be the best you can be.  John Mora is himself a longtime triathlon enthusiast.   Using the Triathlon Workout Planner you will be supported in your aim to be focused and organised.  Being realistic is also part of being successful and this book will help you in that direction as well.  This book has a training log as well workouts and schedules. Using this book will help you to use your time more efficiently – see where your weak spots in training are and also keep you focused.

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Can’t Swim, Can’t Ride, Can’t Run: My Triathlon Journey from Common Man to Ironman

This book is inspiring and moving – it is an absolute must-read!  Andy Holgate was overweight with a sedentary job when he began his journey to become an Ironman triathlete.  He had to learn to swim – so took lessons – and to get himself a second hand bike before he could get startred – But he was committed and after ups and downs in training and generally he succeeded after less than 18 months of training in completing his first Ironman distance race, The  Big Woody.

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