ORCA Brand

ORCA began its life as Performance Speedsuits Ltd. created by the inspiring Scot Unsworth.  Scot was a triathlon fan and while competing saw that the wetsuits of the time were not up to the job when it came to swimming.  This viewpoint was substantiated while working at his job of swimming coach.  He ran his company from his parents’ home in Auckland, New Zealand and developed a product that had greater buoyancy and flexibility than those on the market at that time – he called them Speedsuits.  Scot would go to triathlon swimming events and sell them from the back of his car – an entrepreneur in the making – and the Speedsuits attracted a great deal of positive attention. The brand became known as ORCA. They went on to  sponsor Hamish Carter who as you will know won a Gold in the Athens Olympics in 2004, a fantastic endorsement for the ORCA brand, and Ironman athletes including Craig Alexander and Cameron Brown, and Triathlon New Zealand, Bike New Zealand and the Britsh Triathlon Federation and many others. ORCA sell all clothing relating to triathlon including top of the range triathlon shorts, triathlon wetsuits, triathlon compression suits, compression tights, singlets and tops and more most of which is available around the world. They are known for their innovation when it comes to coming up with new technology which makes all the difference to both their triathlon kit and their triathlon customers. Neoprene which has air pockets to create buoyancy is one such example of their success – ORCA went on to enhance the neoprene making it breathable yet water resistant.

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