SKINS is a brand that is very popular in triathlon events – their Tri400 compression triathlon shorts are best sellers in the triathloncompression ranges; SKINS long compression tights and half compression tights, compression arm sleeves  and also compression recovery tights are fantastic for training in triathlon events. SKINS came about because of the ‘out of the box’ thinking of an Australian man who loved to ski – he also loved to party – and his ambition was to be able to party party party at night and wake up ready and able to ski the next morning – he wanted to feel younger and to be able to live the lifestyle that he loved.  That was back in 1996.   He knew that for muscles to work to the best efficiency they needed improved oxygen supply which would be supplied by improved blood circulation – they would not only work more efficiently but also would recover more efficiently.   Checking out his ideas with the experts he soon came out with what we know as the first model of SKINS which were  used by professional athletes – the amateurs soon joined in.  SKINS are now sold in 31 countries.   There are over 160 SKINS products and they now manufacture more than the amazing number of 100,000 units a month.  In fact it took over five years of imput – testing, designing, speaking to both the experts and those who were to wear the products to be ready to bring out the initial SKINS tights and this rigour and commitment to excellence still stands.
So what are the benefits to be gained from using SKINS ? Muscle power is improved – less lactic acid build up with muscles being oxygenated with circulation being improved. Their advanced wicking is great and temperature control is another feature whether hot or cold. They have an antibacterial feature for freshness and also UV protection 50+.  All these benefits are researched and tested independently to the rigours acceptable to scientific standards which is a great plus.  The Lycra used in SKINS products is of an excellent standard-  the knit, stretch and recovery propertties are brilliant as is the compression – the cut is all part of its excellence.  The compression qualities prevent muscles from over extending which causes injury. Muscles are less tired because they are vibrating less. They are supported in the correct places not just uniformly as other products do – this is a huge help.  The muscle wrapping seams also help to give the correct compression level and support your muscles through their full movement range – strength and power being increased.  So remember when choosing your compression triathlon shorts that SKINS is a respected company in compression triathlon kit and also that compression tights are a bonus for triathlon events and are a plus to your triathlon shorts.  When buying for your triathlon kit another product that is a huge asset are the compression arm sleeves.
Another use for SKINS compression tights and garments comes about because SKINS products can  be used to help  certain medical conditions for example varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis, arthritis lymphoedema and chronic fatigue syndrome.  They can be worn as a recovery aid after injury or after exercise, when travelling to lower the risks of DVT and jet lag and when doing any physical activity to give you more endurance and strength.
These are our range of SKINS products. Click on each item to see details or to buy now.

SKINS Bio RY400 Long Compression Tights

SKINS Sport Compression Wear Half Running Tights

SKINS Mens Compression Leggings


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