SKINS Tri400 Compression Tri Shorts

SKINS Tri400 Compression Triathlon Shorts are fabulously designed to give the best support to wearers in  triathlon events. Firstly, as would be expected,  these triathlon shorts are designed for comfort during swimming, cycling and running, however, one of the many bonusesof these triathlon shorts is that they are the only high performance shorts using in-motion measurement defining the right compression levels on the relevant muscles. In addition, drag is minimised because of the use of sleek heat-treated Toray fabric.  There is a Memory MX Triweb panel down the spine and around the obliques which allows unrestricted movement and with elastic interface chamois to give comfort when cycling.  A huge bonus with these triathlon shorts is the carbon-infused fabric on the inside of the leg of the shorts resulting  in 40% less friction during running with the obvious results of more comfort and enhanced performance. Also, thigh muscles are fully covered giving support  and the all-way stretch fabric provides freedom of movement. The non-absorbent foam adapts to the bike immediately after  swimming and is sleek in appearance  and the textured fabric allows for optimum moisture transfer and comfort.

These triathlon shorts are well worth looking at and could be the ones for you.

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