Nookie Neoprene Strides Canoe Kayak Triathlon Shorts

When you are choosing your all important triathon shorts you want to know that you are buying quality Рthis includes durabilty and comfort and inspirted technology. These Nookie Neoprene Strides Canoe Kayak Triathon Shorts have been updated and now excell their previous first class design.  These three quarter length triathlon shorts are made from 3mm neoprene for both warmth and comfort. They are designed for kayaking but are suitable for any water sport. They have double layer bottoms and knees Рreinforced with Hardflex; the backs of the knees have a pre=curved panel to give a great fit when sitting as well as comfort. These Nookie Neoprene triathlon shorts are suitable for men and women.

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