Compression Shorts


Linebreak Long Compression Shorts

The great benefit of wearing compression shorts is that they help prevent muscle injury, strain and  fatigue – they fit snuggly to the body and can beworn as an undergarment.   They also draw off sweat from the skin by capillary action (wicking) which prevents sweat rashes and sore skin; plus they keep everything in place that needs to be kept in place.   They are usually made of material similar to spandex.
Compression shorts are a very important part of the triathlon kit where athletes want to enhance their performance as best they can and also do everything possible to help avoid injury and strain and also promote quick recovery after exerting themselves.
There are several brands of compression shorts on this site such as 2XU, Under Armour, CEP, SKINS, Saucony, TYR.   To see a good selection of them go to the category ‘compression shorts’ and then put ‘compression shorts’ in the search or click here

For more information on the Linebreak long compression shorts pictured above or to buy now click here


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