Buoyancy Shorts

buoyancy shorts

Buoyancy shorts are ideal for use when you just aren’t satisfied with your swimming style. When you find that your upper body is working hard but your bottom and legs are causing drag because your body isn’t horizontal – your bottom is sagging and legs consequently sinking, buoyancy shorts can change all that.   Wearing buoyancy shorts gives you the experience of swimming with your body aligned – the core of your body is stable and this has a great knock on effect with your legs straighter and your kick stronger so you glide further with each stroke.  Many triathlon swimmers find that by using the buoyancy shorts and experiencing swimming to your body’s best advantage your body becomes familiarised with the best way to swim so that your technique is improved when you swim without them.
A couple of other points – when wearing buoyancy shorts make sure you do the drawstring up tight so that you get the best effect and remember that although they may feel too tight when you first put them on they will probably give in the water.
ZONE 3 BUOYANCY SHORTS are made from Smoothskin neoprene and their stitching and bonding is the same as triathlon wet suits improving buoyancy and consequently hip rotation.

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