2XU Brand

2XU is an Australian company that is committed to producing sportswear with the aim to support athletes, triathletes, swimmers, cyclists, in giving the best performance they are capable of by feeling confident in their kit.  They consider all aspects of sportswear, such as thermal regulation, moisture management, comfort, and they utilise rigorous testing to be sure that they are producing top quality goods.
2XU is renowned for their compression range of triathlon shorts which gives improved circulation, muscle stability and reduces muscle vibration and fatigue and reduces soft muscle tissue damage.

Some 2XU triathlon shorts on this site are

2XU Men’s Endurance Aero Tri Shorts,  

2XU Ladies Endurance Tri Short SS10,

2XU Mens Compression Shorts,

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To see all 2XU tri kit on this site click here

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