2XU Mens Compression Shorts –

The 2XU Mens Compression Triathlon Shorts in  are designed to give equal support to all regions of the upper leg – and to particularly support and stabilise the quads, glutes and hamstrings. This makes these triathlon shorts a  very advantageous  piece of equipment because these areas are particularly susceptible to injury.  The construction of the unparalleled compression  fabric used in these triathlon shorts gives a 360 degree stretch compression – which isn’t possible in material with a traditional tricot knit.  This technology  has been achieved by 2XU engineers developing a combination of  high gauge 50 denier elastomeric yarn and advanced circular knit technology to be used in triathlon shorts and related clothing  and so giving  optimal muscle containment, garment pressure and durability are consistently provided giving maximum benefits for longer. The use of invista Lycra gives the garment long life and enables compression to be maintained which is essential.  And so 2XU compression outperforms rivals by 40%.   Due to heightened circulation 2XU compression is engineered to enhance  comfort regardless of climate and consequently enhances performance.
These triathlon shorts  are imbeded with deodorant/anti bacterial properties and compression helps to avoid odour and bacterial  growth; and they are suitable for wear under your competition uniform.
These triathlon shorts certainly make a great investment for your endeavours.
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